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Bubble tea outlets are nothing new to Singapore, but when one homegrown bubble tea chain stays strong for more than 15 years, we have to ask ‘what sets Each-A-Cup apart from the fierce competition?

“Our focus has always been, and remains, on the quality of our drinks.  Quality is not only about the good taste but also the quality and sourcing of the ingredients”  Says Store Manager, Ivan Chua (son of Each-A-Cup Chairmain, Michael Chua).

EAC Health Icons

As well as the Classics, Each-A-Cup have included 5 Wellness Categories to their menu, the ‘bubble tea for the health conscious’ pique our interest.

Ivan : The drinks within the 5 Wellness Categories are based on the quality and health benefits of their ingredients.  Because we use suppliers who own their own tea plantations, along with them, we can guarantee there are no detrimental ingredients affecting the goodness within the drinks and that there are no harmful additives added.

The 5 Wellness categories at Each-A-Cup offer many health benefits and, with some drink choices crossing over into more than one Wellness category, the choice is certainly not limited for a healthy iced or hot tea:-

Energy Burst and Mind Booster drinks can feature Early Grey Tea which is known for digestive aid, energy increase, aid in weight loss, helps with relaxation, oral health, hydrate and maintain the body’s fluid balance. 

Forever Young and Energy Burst drinks feature Brown Rice Tea which; can regulate hormones and metabolism, known to help prevent cancer and is rich in vitamins (B, iron and fibre)

Some Mind Booster and Weight Lite drinks feature Assam Black Tea that will; aid in weight loss, enhance mental alertness and is known to prevent cancer.


Counting Calories?  Some sweet information for the health conscious (based on zero added sugar):-

  • Fresh Lemon Earl Grey tea 2.6 (k)cals (Mind Booster)
  • Rooibos Latte with 70.6 (k)cals (Energy Burst)
  • Rose Lychee Black tea 0.8 (k)cals (Forever Young)
  • Fresh Lemon Green tea 8.2 (k)cals (Weight Lite)
  • Korean Citron Juice 149 (k)cals (Daily Dose)


For more information and to find your nearest Each-A-Cup outlet, visit www.each-a-cup.com



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