Henri Charpentier pastry delivery




Fans of Henri Charpentier’s sweet and delicious pastry can now rejoice, they will no longer need to go on an expedition to the outlet at Dempsey Hill for their signature Financiers and Madeleines. In a partnership with online shopping mall Rakuten – know for their selection of Japanese produce and F&B offerings – the new online shop will let shoppers order the patisserie’s famed baked goodies like financiers, madeleines, fruit tarts and cookies. Fresh Cakes are slated to be available online this year before Christmas.

HC-Matcha au Financiers

Apart from the French-inspired Japanese patisserie’s Les Financier ($14.30 for 5 pieces; $22 for 8 pieces) and Les Madeleines ($14.30 for 5 pieces), shoppers can also purchase the new variation of the well-loved Les Financier, the Matcha au Financiers ($24.00 for 8 pieces). Using the a special infusion of matcha powder from Uji, the pastry boast vegetal hints with a creamy and buttery finish delivered by the Marcona and Fritz almonds and Hokkaido cultured butter.

To order these treats that are baked and air-flown from Japan, simply sign up as a Rakuten member for free via this link: http://www.rakuten.com.sg/shop/henricharpentier


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