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Beesket Juice Bar


New in Singapore, Korea’s D.I.Y. fruit juice bar Beesket (Bee + Basket) gives one a fun and informative experience to drinking your cup of fruit juice. Using a novelty concept of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in fruit capsules to provide information and print outs of nutritional values and calorie count for each cup of juice combination.  One would never get bored drinking fruit juice at Beesket Juice Bar, there is 39 different fresh fruits and vegetables and over 5,000 combinations of juice once can create to suit any preference and thirst craving.

Every Beesket drink is free of additives, sugar and powdered flavouring.  Every Beesket Original (S$5.90) and the Pinebanana (pineapple + banana) 100% Natural Blended Cold Juice is flavoured with a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar – an all natural fruit extract made from 8 different fruits.  The Beesket Fruit Nectar adds flavour and balances out acidity to produce a smooth and refreshing drink.

With almost 10 outlets in Korea, Singapore, Dubai and Brunei, Beesket is the latest hip drink craze and is fast becoming a refreshing sensation here in Singapore. With plans to open 25 more Beesket Juice Bar in the next 5 years, Beesket Juice Bar Singapore’s owner Charles is set to open 2 more outlet this year.

Beesket Juice Bar

Top 5 picks at Beesket Juice Bar

  1. Beesket Original ($5.90) – the DIY juice
  2. Carrot and Apple ($5.40) – 100% Natural Cold Pressed Juice (served room temperature)
  3. Pear Ginger Tea $5.40) – Natural Fruit Tea (served hot)
  4. Yam Honey ($6.40) – 100% Natural Blended Juice (served cold)
  5. Pinebanana ($5.40) – 100% Natural Blended Juice (served cold) – $5.40

Click HERE to read more about the Beesket experience.

Where to find Beesket Korean D.I.Y. Juice Bar:

  • Changi City Point – 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 #01-02, Singapore 486038
  • Clementi Shopping Mall – 321 Clementi, Avenue 3 #02-03, Singapore 129905

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