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Veteran restaurant group Joyden Concepts welcomes its third and largest eatery, Joyden Tresures at Leisure Park Kallang.  The new restaurant features a range of time-honored dishes and a selection of the group owner’s family recipes prepared with restaurant-worthy finesse.

Among the new dishes available at this new dining concept is the light and flavoursome Original Steamed Red Grouper in Homemade Soy Bean Broth.  Using a family recipe, the red grouper is steamed with ginger, chives, straw mushrooms and black fungus in a bath of soya milk that is made in house from scratch.  The soya milk embraces the flavours of all the components in its silky texture while accentuating the freshness of the fish.

The Cantonese in me gave two thumbs-up to the Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Old Cucumber.  The soup was flavoursome and the umami factor was top notch.  I can attribute that to the mushrooms and the conpoy added into the broth.  I took my time to slurp up every drop of this wonderful soup and the soft Old Cucumber flesh.

One of my other favourite dishes presented to us was the Crispy Fragrant Duck with Petite Lotus Buns. We were told that the duck was steeped in an herb and spice solution before it was deep fried to a crispy finish.  This is Joyden Treasure’s interpretation to the French Duck Confit and in terms of taste, this was stellar.  The meat was fork tender and peels off the bone effortlessly.  The meat gave hints of herbal notes upon mastication and a smear of plum sauce and slivers of pickled vegetables adds depth and sophistication to the flavour.

The other dishes to keep in mind when you’re here is the crispy Phoenix Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll and the pillowy soft Brown Sugar Ma-la-Gao.  For the traditionalist, you have your choice of Traditional Yam Puree with Pumpkin and Gingko to end your dinner on a decadent note.

The new 7,000 square feet restaurant also serves dim sum from 11.30am to 3pm daily.  Diners can expect a selection of about 30 dim sums hand made by the artful chefs within the kitchen.  The premise also features six VIP rooms that can easily accommodate ten guests each as well as a comfortable seating capacity of 210 in the main dining area.

All in all, Joyden’s new dining outlet, Joyden Treasure, is one of the go-to-places for your family reunion for its  tranquil ambiance and the cuisines that you can closely relate to.

Joyden Treasure is located at

5 Stadium Walk
#02-43, Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693


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