Usher in the New Lunar Year of Sheep with Peony Jade’s “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring” Festive Creations




For this festive season, Peony Jade brings you “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring” festive creations to embody the blessings of the sheep year.

Start off the new year with “Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-shaped Monies Tree Yu Sheng. This earthy-toned centerpiece is endowed with premium seafood such as lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, Atlantic salmon, sweet shrimp, and urchin. This masterpiece is further elevated by the brand’s unique sweet sauce, citrusy yuzu juice, and a sprinkle of truffle oil. Each artistic plant also represents harmony, peace and hope. Priced at only S$198.88, this yusheng serves up to 15 guests, and is available for dine-in at Keppel Club only with 1-day advance order required. What are you waiting for? Lo Hei your way to prosperity and longevity with this delectable plate!

The dish that I really like is “Prosperity & Smooth Sailing” Hand-crafted Goat-shaped Deep-fried Hum-Soi-Kuok, glutinous rice stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms. Awed at the intricately crafted pastry in the shape of sheep, I am hesitant to eat them. However, looking at everyone biting into these scrumptious hum soi kuok or fried crescent dumplings, I finally relented and take a bite. Sinking my teeth into the crispy and chewy mochi-like outer layer, the heavenly taste of glutinous rice, finely diced savoury pork and shitake mushrooms burst with flavor in my mouth! It is simply divine. Priced at S$9.88 per order of 3 pieces, this platter is for dine-in only. 1-day advance order is required.


Next to be in the limelight is “Reaping Abundance Wealth” Australian Premium Whole Abalone Poon Choi consisting of 18 premium ingredients. At Peony Jade, its modern refined version has escalated to great culinary heights with its 18 premium ingredients like whole 10- head Australian abalones whole Sakura Chicken, whole pork knuckle, golden oysters, roast pork, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh whole scallops, pork tendons, fatt choy, fish maw, king prawns, whole shiitake mushrooms, and homemade sea-grouper mousse cake. What I must emphasize here is the melt-in-the-mouth sea cucumber. Born into a family that has a special fondness for sea cucumber, I often eat this delicacy. However, this is the first time I have tasted something so smooth and delicate that it dissolves almost immediately in my mouth! If you want to know how it feels like on cloud nine (literally), you should definitely try this! This takeaway poon choi pot is priced at S$468.88 for the Mini Premium Pot Package (serves 6 guests), and S$598.88 for the Premium Pot Package (serves 8-10 guests).

Not forgetting some sweet treats to welcome the Lunar New Year, Peony Jade releases the limited edition “Huat Ah!” Prosperity Goats Gift Set. This sweet and savoury gift set comprises of 8 realistically adorable handcrafted goat-shaped snowskin pastries. Each is filled with salty egg custard that will steal your heart away and make your eyes glitter with tears of joy! This gift set is priced at S$88.88 per set, while stocks last! 1-day advance order is required.


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