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Did you know that booking flights up to 3 months in advance when travelling out of Singapore can give you huge travel savings?

Travel from Singapore to nearby destinations in Asia

Generally, flights to popular destinations in Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia and China are most affordable when bookings are made one and a half months prior to departure.

Travel from Singapore to Australia and New Zealand

When planning trips to Australia and New Zealand, we can clinch the best airfares when bookings are made two months before departure.  In fact, we can make a saving of up to 18% in airfares compared to booking only a month in advance.

Travel from Singapore to the Rest of the World

Going long-haul from Singapore needs a lot of planning and we should get our booking time right for these, often expensive airfares to ensure we enjoy the most attractive prices:-

When travelling from Singapore to destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, North America and Central America our airfare booking is best secured around two and a half months in advance.

The biggest information we learn, with regard to travel time makes travel savings, is if we are planning a long-haul trip to South America, we need to do our booking around 3 months in advance; that’s because if we book just one month in advance we risk paying a huge 43% more in airfares!

This information was given to us by KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine.

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Apple Watch app is your travel companion for trip management

If you want to compare travel prices with KAYAK when you are on the go, Apple Watch owners will be pleased to hear that KAYAK has released its app and companion for trip management, which is now freely downloadable from the app store.

Everyone who has an Apple watch can have on their wrist a personal trip assistant, helping users to easily manage their travels, giving them immediate access to trip details including itineraries, hotel check-in/check-out and rental car pickup/drop off; receiving flight notifications in the event of delays or gate changes; and price alerts if a flight price changes.

Remember, Travel Time makes Travel Savings so never miss a deal and get the best prices with


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